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Interaction Program Conducted on Greater Lumbini Area Plan

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An interaction program was conducted on planning of Greater Lumbini Area development in Kathmandu on Jan 19, 2020 amid the participation of experts and stakeholders of Lumbini. Secretary of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTA) Kedar Bahadur Adhikari welcomed all participants. He said that 80% of Lumbini Master Plan had been completed and remaining 20% would complete withing three years in his welcome speech. He further added, "We expect suggestions on how to implement Lumbini World Peace City Plan prepared by Prof. Kwak."  

Vice-Chairperson of Lumbini Development Trust Awadhesh Kumar Tripathi (Ven. Metteyya Sakyaputta) in his presentation stated that 60 billion Rupees (6 arab) was needed to complete remaining 20% of Lumbini Master Plan and it should be implemented through international competitive bidding (ICB) in order to pipeline all works in priorities and complete the project on time. He opined that Ramagrama Master Plan prepared by Prof. Nishimura should be implemented and Kapilavastu should be preserved as open museum after completion of Lumbini Master Plan. 

Planning expert Dr Mahendra Subba and Associate Professor at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk, Dr Sanjay Upreti, presented working papers on urban development of Greater Lumbini Area.

Minister for MoCTA Hon. Yogesh Kumar Bhattarai said that the government would go in action for speedy development of Greater Lumbini Area for national glory and prosperity of local communities. The Minister added that the region would be developed as the 'Greater Lumbini Area' by incorporating Buddhist heritages like Lumbini, Kapilavastu sites, Devadaha sites and Ramagrama into a circuit.  The Minister thanked the participants for active participation and important suggestions. He also said "the ministry would initiate implementation of the suggestions received in the program." He further added that discussion would now be held with the province government, local governments and stakeholders for policy formation and implementation in integrated manner to develop Greater Lumbini smoothly.  

Kathmandu Liaison Office Chief Gyanin Rai had conducted the programme organized by the Lumbini Development Trust in hall of the Ministry.