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An Agreement Signed with Bangladesh to construct a Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini

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Lumbini, 08 October 2021: Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is going to construct a Buddhist monastery in Lumbini, the World Heritage Site. An agreement was signed to construct a Buddhist monastery in Lumbini on Friday. The Vice Chairman of Lumbini Development Trust Ven. Metteyya (Awadhesh Tripathi) and His Excellency Salahuddin Noman Chowdhury, the Bangladeshi Ambassador to Nepal signed the agreement at the Head Office of Trust in Lumbini. The delegates of the Embassy including First Secretary Md Alamgir Islam Khan, Executive Board Members of the LDT Mr. Rajesh Gyawali and Shreeram Yadav and staff and officials of the Trust were present at the signing ceremony.

Ambassador Chowdhury said that the Bangladeshi Buddhist monastery in Lumbini would help promote culture and tourism in the both countries. He further added, “Buddhist monastery construction is the first project of its kind out of Bangladesh and hence, our government will complete the project on time.” The Ambassador said, the Lumbini monastery of Bangladesh will represent primarily more than 18 crore Buddhist population of Bangladesh and the nation itself. 

On the occasion, the Vice Chair of Trust Ven. Metteyya opined that Bangladesh has been connected with Lumbini from the beginning of its planned development. He added, “Bangladesh was one of the members in the International Committee to Develop Lumbini formed in 1970 in the UNO.” 

The Vice Chairman said, “More than 1.5 million Lumbini visitors will be aware of Bangladesh after observing Bangladeshi monastery in Lumbini. And visitors from Bangladesh will increase in Nepal after completion of the monastery construction.” 

Project Manager of LDT Er. Saroj Bhattarai said, “The Government of Bangladesh has been allotted the Plot No. WC 19 with the area of 80 x 80 sq. m. lying at the West Monastic Zone of Lumbini for the monastery construction.” He expressed hope that the monastery construction would be completed within three years as agreed in the MoU.