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The Museum

Ancient Kapilavastu An open museum

The Ancient Kapilavastu is an open museum as it alone houses more than 130 important archaeological sites. The most interesting thing to note in the historic ruins of Tilaurakot are the earth ramparts,the brick fortification, the ancient habitation, thirteen layers of human depositions dated from 9/8th century BC and 2nd/3rd century AD. Artefacts recovered from the various excavation works are displayed in the Kapilavastu museum. The Kapilavastu Museum exhibits the coins, pottery and toys (dating back to 7th century BC and 4th century AD) along with a good collection of jewelry and other ornaments. The terracotta figures and plaques recovered at Tilaurakot dates back to the pre–Mauryan, Mauryan, Sunga and the Kushana periods. Both the pilgrims Fa- Hien and HuenTsang noted that they saw Kapilavastu in complete ruins and counted 10 deserted cities within Kapilavastu.