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Araurakot: The Hometown of Kanakamuni Buddha

Located 1. 4km east of Niglihawa, and about 10km northeast of Taulihawa, Araurakot is identified as the town where Kanakamuni Buddha lived, grew up, and spent his married life. It used to be a walled forest in ancient times. Today, it is a large rectangular fortified area with the remains of ancient moat and brick fortifications.

Very little has been done to excavate the details of this site. Archaeologist T. N. Mishra in 1977 described the old ruined city being closer to the Nigalisagar to the east and recommended for a thorough excavation of Araurakot and the surrounding areas to locate the original place of the pillar.

The joint archaeological team of Nepali-Italian archaelogists (1996-1997) has identified nine archaeological sites including Araurakot in this area. Other important sites include Thumwa, Semari, Thagi Baba Ki Dadi, Derwa, Gobari, Shivapura, Banduli and Niglihawa and its surroundings. A UNESCO led joint geophysical survey of Lumbini Development Trust (LDT), Department of Archaeology (DoA), and Durham University, the UK under JaFIT project in 2015 unveiled many huge structural ruins underneath the citadel.