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Cultural Attraction

Cultural and Religious Sites and Attractions

Major cultural villages worth to visit in the Ancient Kapilavastu include Jagadispur Tharu village, Tilauri, Herdewa, Gotihawa, Shivpur, Nigali, Bikuli Kot, Sisaniya etc. 

Popular archaeological and religious sites include Touleshwor Nath temple, Ram Ghat, Laxman Ghat-Bolbom Dham, Shivagadhi (located on the top of Chure hill; 2 hours hiking from Dhankhola-border of Dang and Kapilavastu), Shringi Rishi Ashram (8km north from Banganga bridge), Shantakunja Madhuwan Dham, Kailash Ashram, Tarakeshwor Dham, Kapil Dham, Samay Mai, Hanuman Mandir, Patthar Kot, Ram Datiwan Kuti (about 7km north after crossing the Bangai Bridge), Bikuli Kot, Dohani Kot, Darkhaswa (about 1. 5km south from Sagarhawa), Chetra Dehi ((about 4km northwest from Taulihawa), Semara Temple, Pipari, Gaurigunj, Murchahawa, Derwa Stupa (about 500m east from Kapilvastu Museum), Sarkup Pokhari, Kopawa Stupa, Ram Kumari, Sonwagadh (5km north from Chandrauta and in the forest), Pipari, Daldalhawa, Simari, Rajuwapur, Babhani, Dohanietc.


Experiencing Tharu Culture at Jagadispur Tharu Home-stay

About 12 km north of Tilaurakot, situated on the bank of Nepal’s largest man-made reservoir, Jagadispur Tal, Jagadispur Jalasaya Tharu Home-stay is the first community home-stay in the Ancient Kapilavastu. Visitors can have a unique experience by visiting cultural, natural and Buddhist heritage sites in a single visit by staying at this home-stay. Currently, 13 Tharu houses have developed basic home-stay facilities that include clean accommodation (maximum 26 beds), typical Tharu food and Tharu cultural experiences. Visitors are offered opportunity to have first-hand experience of the age-old cultures and hospitality of the people who claim themselves the progenies of the ancient Sakya clans.