2561st Buddha Anniversary and Lumbini (Vesak) Day, 2017 Celebrated in Lumbini

May 10, 2017, Lumbini: Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) hosted 2561st Buddha Anniversary and Lumbini (Vesak) Day, 2017 with special events cultural programs on 21 May in Lumbini, the birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha and World Cultural Heritage Site. 

The formal program of the Buddha Jayanti Celebrations was held in the gracious presence of Vice President of Nepal H.E. Nanda Kishor Pun as a Chief Guest amid national and international dignitaries, most venerable monks and nuns, delegates, scholars and general public. Minister for Supply Hon. Deepak Bohara, Member of Parliament Hon. Kamlesh Puri Goswami, Member of Parliament Hon. Istiyak Ahamad Khan, H.E. BhakavatTanskul, the Ambassador of Thailand to Nepal, Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Shankar Pd. Adhikari, Director General of Department of Archaeology Mr. Bhesh Narayan Dahal, Vice Chairman Ven. Nigrogha (Siddhartha Maharjan), Treasurer Mr. Surendramuni Sakya, Member Secretary Mr. Ajitman Tamang, Board Members: Mr. Rajesh Gyawali, Mr. Amiraka Kohar and Mr. Durga Upathaya, Council Members: Mr. Baijanath Sahani, and Mr. Ganesh Pathak of LDT and Office Chiefs of Rupandehi, Kapilavastu and Nawalparasi districts also were present in the ceremony. 

Mr. Nobuo     Kasai (Tokusin), Goodwill Ambassador of LDT, Japan, Professor Yukio Nishimura, Tokyo University, Japan, Professor Robin Coningham, Durham University, UK, Professor Dr. Roland Lin Chih-Hung, UNESCO World Heritage Center,     France, Oriental Cultural Heritage Sites Protection Alliance France, Master Insun, Abbot Chinese Monastery, Phramaha Supot, Chief Abbot, Royal Thai Monastery, Ven. Metteya Lumbini,  Mr. Bikram Pandey, Goodwill Ambassador LDT and Mr. Ramit Dhungana were honored and given away the Letter of Appreciation in the recognition of their outstanding contribution in development, excavation, research and promotion of Lumbini and other Buddhist sites associated with the life of Sakyamuni Buddha and promotion of Buddhism and peace. Account Officer Nina Sharma also was awarded with long term service award in in the program.       

The Vice President Pun in his speech thanked all participants for making the program a grand success and praised the hard work of LDT staff and officials. Chairman of program Ven. Nigrodha thanked distinguished guests, monks and nuns and concerned all for their cooperation and participation before concluding the program.    

After the formal program, the distinguished guests including Chief Guest H.E. Vice President enjoyed boating facility in the Central Canal to visit Mayadevi Temple where they worshiped the birthplace and paid homage to the Buddha.       


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