US Ambassador Visited Lumbini

Lumbini: US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz and her team visited Lumbini on Feb 27, 2017. Treasurer Surendra Muni Shakya, Board Member Amarika Kahar and staff of Lumbini Development Trust (LDT), Prof. Dr. Achyut Aryal, security personnel, and local people welcomed her excellency Ambassador in Mayadevi Temple complex.  The delegates paid homage to the birth spot of Sakyamuni Buddha in Mayadevi temple and observed archaeological monuments within the vicinity with great enthusiasm. Information Chief Hari D. Rai explained the delegates about the history, archaeology and spirituality of Lumbini, the world cultural heritage property. The delegates also visited Lumbini monastic zone and observed international monasteries. Treasurer Surendra Muni Sakya alod presented a token of love to her Excellency from behalf of the LDT. 

The Embassy delegates including Her Excellency Teplitz visited Tilaurakot, ancient Sakya capital city where prince Siddhartha lived his early 29 years on 28 February. The delegates were welcomed by Board Member Rajesh Gyawali, Archaeological Officer Himal Upreti and Museology Officer Dhruba Narayan Pandy of LDT. Senior Archaeologist of Department of Archaeology, Nepal (DoA) Ram Bahadur Kunwar briefed the historicity of Tilaurakot. He also explained the delegates about Japanese funded and UNESCO coordinated recent archaeological excavations jointly conducted by the LDT, DoA and Durham University at Tilaurakot. 

Her Excellency Ambassador highly appreciated the preservation of Lumbini and Tilaurakot excavation undertakings for the benefit of Nepal and the world.  The ambassador also thanked LDT for hosting visit to Lumbini and Taulihawa. The visit to the birthplace of the Buddha was very remarkable and successful, the delegates opined. 
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