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Lumbini Development Trust was formed in order to develop Buddhist sites in and around Lumbini and to promote Buddhism from the birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha. Lumbini Development Trust Act 2042 provisions the Trust as an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal. The Trust is independent to plan and implement its projects.

The Trust receives funds from the Government of Nepal, national and international Buddhist and non-Buddhist organizations and generates internal income for administrative and development works.  

The corporate structure of the Trust is follows:

Lumbini Development Trust Council

The apex body of LDT is the Lumbini Development Trust Council Chaired by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The council formulates policy and provides guidance and directives to the Executive Board to fulfill the objectives of the Trust. The Council is formed as follows:

(a) Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation                                      - Chairman

(b) A person designated by Government of Nepal                                       - Vice-Chairman

(c) Four Secretaries nominated by Government of Nepal                            - Member

(d) Four persons nominated by Government of Nepal

      among the government, non-governmental Buddhist

      institutions and renowned and outstanding experts                      - Member

(e) Four persons nominated by Government of Nepal

      from among representatives of international institutions

      and persons famous in the field of conservation of

      heritage created by human beings                                                  - Member

(f) A person nominated by Government of Nepal                                          - Treasurer

(g) A person nominated by Government of Nepal                                         - Member-Secretary

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee, as mentioned below, is constituted for running all the activities of the Trust, remaining under the general supervision of the Council.

(a) Chairperson of the Council                                                                        - Chairperson

(b) Vice-Chairperson of the Council                                                                - Vice -Chairperson

(c) Treasurer of the Council - Member

(d) Four Members nominated by Chairperson from among

      council members, while nominating, at least a Member of

      Parliament from among Rupandehi, Kapilavastu and Nawalparasi

      district should be nominated.                                                                     - Members.

(e) Chief, Lumbini Development Project                                                           - Member

(f) Member-Secretary, Council                                                                          - Member-Secretary


Permanent Staff

The Trust has various Divisions and Sections to carry out daily administrative works, development activities and archaeological projects. Major divisions are Administration, Engineering, Planning and Botanical, Account and Procurement and Archaeology. The Divisions are divided into different sections as presented in the structural chart.