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Commemorative Message on Constitution Day 2080

Commemorative Message on Constitution Day 2080

Recognizing today as Constitution Day, commemorating the historic achievement of promulgating the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on the auspicious date of Asar 3, 2072 B.S., is a moment of profound significance and respect. On this occasion of Constitution Day and National Day, I extend my heartfelt wishes for happiness, peace, progress, and prosperity to all our Nepali brothers and sisters residing both in Nepal and abroad.

May this Constitution continue to inspire everyone towards making Nepal a land of knowledge and peace, carrying the message of Buddha. I offer my warmest greetings on Constitution Day.

On this special day, I also pay my sincere homage to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in various phases of the people's struggle and honor those who overcame disabilities and challenges. I express my deep gratitude to all those who contributed to the process of constitution-making.

Nepal's Constitution upholds federal democratic republicanism and guarantees human rights, press freedom, and inclusive democracy. On this occasion, I urge everyone to embrace the essence and spirit of the Constitution and work honestly and effectively to transform it into practical action.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt best wishes to all on the joyous occasion of Constitution Day and National Day, 2080, and express my gratitude for your continuous support and dedication to the welfare of the nation.

Thank you!


Dr. Lharkyal Lama (Khenpo Chime Chhiring)