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Lumbini: Declared a Panchasila Zone

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Lumbini, Nov. 21, 2018: Lumbini Master Plan Area and its adjoining areas are declared as Panchasila Kshetra (Five Precept Zone) jointly by the Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) and Lumbini Cultural Municipality (LCM) today. The Chief Guest of the declaration ceremony Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Hon’ble Rabindra Adhikari declared the specified area a Five-Precept-Zone. 

Chaired by Vice Chairman of LDT Awadhesh Kumar Tripathi (Ven. Metteyya Shakyapatta), the declaration ceremony was attended by Minister Hon. Rabindra Adhikari, Chairman of All Nepal Bhikkhu Association Ven. Maitri Mahasthavir, Upper House Member Hon. Durga Upadhyaya, State Assembly Member Hon. Fakruddin Khan, Mayor of Lumbini Cultural Municipality Man Mohan Adhikari, Joint Secretary of Culture Ministry Bharatmani Subedi, Board Members and Staff of LDT, security personnel, media persons and local community and occupational groups. 

Local educationist Ajiz Khan called the declaration of Panchasila Area a great event and expressed happiness to be a part of the ceremony and the campaign.  

Mayor Man Mohan Chaudhari said that the Municipality and LDT had discussed on the matter earlier so that the declaration of Panchsila area had been possible. He also said, “Implementation is more important than the declaration and local people and occupational groups should cooperate in the implementation of this pious campaign.”  

Hon. Fakruddin Khan congratulated the LDT and the Municipality for the declaration of Panchasila zone. He pointed toward the problems in implementation in Nepal and suggested to participate all stakeholders including the Muslim population that surround the Lumbini Master Plan Area. 

Ven. Maitri Mahasthavir offered Panchasila to the gathering. He also gave emphasis on proactive participation of all stakeholders to make the campaign a success. He opined that the declaration should be implemented at least in Lumbini Master Plan area.  

Hon’ble Minister Rabindra Adhikari declared Lumbini the Panchasila Zone and appealed all to implement and follow the declaration. He said, “Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha is a timeless place which is visited by the thousands of the visitors from the world over.”  “The image of Lumbini is expanding wider in recent days as the teachings of the Buddha is becoming more relevant today”, He said. “The implementation of Panchasila in Lumbini Master Plan area will give very positive impression to the visitors that helps develop tourism in the region”, The Minister added. The Minister also emphasized on partnership of the LDT and municipality to successfully implement the declaration. The Minister said, “Declaration would initiate implementation and implementation will make Panchasila a lifestyle of hosts and guests in a long run.” 

The minister Adhikari said that Lumbini master plan would be completed within three years and the LDT would work for developing Greater Lumbini with a holistic master plan.  “Lumbini will be the most significant and world class pilgrimage destination after completion of the Master Plan”, he added. He also said that Gautam Buddha International Airport would come into operation within 10 months that would bring a significant change in the quality and quantity tourism in the region. 

Vice Chairman Ven. Metteyya said, “The Buddha’s teaching is so profound and beneficial that millions of peace lovers uphold it today and thousands of visitors throng to Lumbini in pursuit of peace. He said that the Five Precepts set fold by the Buddha were: to abstain from taking life, to abstain from taking what is not given, to abstain from sensuous misconduct, to abstain from false speech and to abstain from intoxicants as tending to cloud the mind. Observing the Panchsila will make the world better place to live for all; including the animals and birds. He further said, “Animals won’t be slaughtered and alcohol won’t be sold at least in Lumbini master plan area and its four corners and chowk (junctions). “It is our common commitment to follow the teachings of the Buddha in His birthplace”, He further added and congratulated Lumbini community the meritorious campaign. The Vice Chair also said that Lumbini Master Plan was being completed within three year through a global tender.  “A High School and a quality hospital will be established in for benefit local community, monastic community and visitors”, He further added. 

The program was conduced by Information Officer Rajan Basnet.