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Sacred Pond

The Sacred Pond (Puskarini)

Located 25 paces south-west from the Marker Stone is the Sacred Pond, popularly known as Puskarini, where Mayadevi is believed to have a bath before giving birth to Prince Siddhartha. The infant prince was also given the first purification bath here.

41 Early Chinese travelers Fa-hsien (399- 413 AD) and Hiuen Tsang (636 AD) on their travel accounts also describe the Sacred Pond and holy bath of the newly born Prince Siddhartha at this pond.

The pond existed before the birth of Prince Siddhartha, probably in an oval shape. It was remodeled in shape and size, with an embankment of bricks, during 1933-1939 AD excavations by Keshar Shumsher JBR. The present day pond measures 24.90m × 24.85m × 4.83m in size. While cleaning the pond in 1996, two wells were found in the northeast and southwest corners of the pond. The Sacred Pond was also mentioned and described by the archaeologists Mrs. D. Mitra in 1972 and Mr. B. K. Rijal in 1983 in their excavation report.